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{October 4, 2008}   Yao Si Ting [Endless Love II]
Endless Love II

Endless Love II

First time i listen to Yao Si Ting single album is at a music shop in kl..they play all her song while i was reading book..In the meantime,  im very impressed wif her vocal. its soft to listen.. then i interested to know whom the artist & i found out..

After a few days, i search on the internet for her mp3 songs..but its hard to find the mp3 files..i tried so many times to find it and finally i found her mp3 playlist at one of thailand music site. i wonder why?..
hurm, maybe she’s from thailand i guess….

i’ve search a lot about her from google…but its only a few of results came out. If anyone hav her profile or want to share anything about dis singer..please drop a comment.. Thank You.

Here is a few songs in Endless Love II album..
Start listen now! I’m sure u will really love it and start admire her..
Feel free to listen & post ur comment..

Where’s My Love

I Cry


You Raise Me Up

No Matter What

How Did I Fall In Love With You


The Sound Of Silence


ady070 says:

hi there…..
falling in love with yao si ting voice….ermmmmmmm…very soft and please to hear it…..

how u download her song…..

sumandakvien says:

hi there! thanks for ur comment..actually, i didnt download it from the internet. I get it from one of thailand site.

firstly, u must open the website using internet explorer..then u must play all the songs using the media player from the website there..after that, go to tools -> internet options->settings->view files…another pop-up will come out..just search the mp3 file and “COPY & PASTE” it through ur desktop.its easy..try!

ady070 says:

10q….. 1 question…. where are u from….

sumandakvien says:

im from malaysia,kota kinabalu,sabah..and u?? u can view my profile at “about me” page.
thank you for visiting my blog.

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