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{December 13, 2008}   Taiwanese RocK Band I love the most! : Shen Mu Yu Tong (Y2J)

Shen Mu Yu Tong released their first album 為你而活 (Live For You)
in August 15 2008 this year..


Huang Mei-zhen(黃美珍) vocal & Lai Ming-wei(賴銘偉) as male vocal/guitar (Winner of Xin Guang Da Dao)

4 ur information, both taiwanese singers is well known from the reality tv shows of “One Million Star Season 2”.  Yuming (赖铭伟) is the champion for Season 2 while Jane (黄美珍) won the most popular contestant for that season. actually, i just get to research their information dis few days cuz im really admire this group..such a strong vocal and great rock music!  i just love to listen it over n over again..from afternoon till night..huhhh..it seems that i can remember the pinyin lyrics instead.

An interesting story about their band name:

Shen Mu Yu Tong (神木与瞳) is the combination name of this duo singer.
‘Yuming’ means ‘a divine tree’ (Shen Mu) in Yuming’s native language,  while Jane’s nickname in her native language is ‘Tong‘.

For conclusion, the album is absolutely terrific! 10/10 & 5 star!!

wanna listen some of their famous songs?

I shared it through rapidshare so that anyone will know “Shen Mu Yu Tong” powerful talent.



post comment at this blog, so that i know ur r one of “Shen Mu Yu Tong” fan.thank you!


JFCF says:

Come and check out Jane’s Fan Club Forum for all the latest
info/news/pics/media/etc.! The atmosphere there is super
friendly and the members are all helpful and nice.
Don’t feel shy about posting! There’s even a sub-forum
for overseas fans!
Y2J 神木與瞳之粉紅高校搖滾學院
黃美珍 Jane 後援會論壇

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