~ Expresi diari VieN.. ~

hello everyone..I’ll intro myself here..Just call VieN..Im just an ordinary gurl from kay kay, LaNd BeLow The WinD..im 22 years old..I had finished my Diploma in Multimedia Business Computing..and now working as full time Graphic Desginer in a private company.. i like to laugh & making jokes wif frens and my life is fulls of happiness.. šŸ˜€
Sumtimes may hav problems but still think positive to go through the future..
Remember..”Laugh is the best medicine!”
Keep in MIND dat.. The Lord says, “I will bless the person who puts his trust in me,” Jeremiah 17.


Bryan says:

Hi, Vien , I’m interested also with Yao Si Ting – endless love II
Could you send the songs to my mail, since I cann’t download from the linksite, tx

sumandakvien says:

hi bryan, the file is too big to send by email. I already try, this link is still active.. copy & paste this link in a new window..

Thank You 4 visiting my page.. ^^

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